Real Estate

Shoot it… Sell it!

Great photography makes all the difference! If you are a real estate agent looking to sell your client’s house, or a contractor looking to develop a home for your client… there is little that is as important as beautiful and effective photography. There is a fine balance between accurately representing the property and also creating an enhanced impression that draws the buyer or potential client in.

And, as we know how important it is to get the photography quickly, lumaRae is committed to turning around images within three hours of the shoot.

Have a look at this Photography Comparison of actual real estate photography compared to lumaRae’s subsequent shoot of the same property.

Note that we have a SPRING SPECIAL for a real estate shoot: includes 30+ high quality photographs plus promotional slideshow video (see sample) for $175 plus HST.

For more information or to book a real estate shoot, call or text to 905-517-4587.