Enhanced HeadShot Photography

Professional In-Studio or On-Location HeadShots

For websites, business cards or any promotional material today, everyone in business requires a headshot.

lumaRae offers an Enhanced HeadShot Photography service, which has three elements to it:

1. Pre-Session Coaching…Prior to the photo session, a detailed list of considerations is provided, which includes everything from advance preparation to your optimal colours and clothing selection. We then schedule a phone consult to go over your tastes and requirements, and review all the elements to think about prior to the shoot. We can also provide make-up services for the shoot, if required.

2. The Photo Session…In a relaxed environment, we take the time required to get just the right shot, coaching you through every element, from the angle of your shoulders to the tilt of your head and the look in your eye. We ensure that you are at ease in the studio so that the photography captures your best look.

3. Post-Shoot Editing…Rae has extensive expertise in photography edits, including enhancements such as removing blemishes, making hair look thicker or thinner or fixing clothing issues.

Rae specializes in bringing out your best features, both in front of the camera and with her post-shoot editing techniques where subtle enhancements can make all the difference.

Final edited photographs are provided in two sizes, for web and print.

Headshots Only Pricing: 225 plus hst

Full Make-up Pricing: 60 plus hst

For more information call 613-471-1777, text 905-517-4587 or email info@lumarae.ca